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Fashion Friday: Lazy Halloween Costumes

woman wearing a Nemo costume

I like to imagine that I'm good at DIY, but I'm also kind of lazy. Halloween costumes can be pretty pricey, and making one by hand actually takes a little effort. *groans* But hey, who said you couldn't slap together a functional outfit with just a few minutes and the limitations of your wardrobe? You won't win any awards, but who cares; you were resourceful!

BMO from Adventure Time


I love the B-MO shirt. Actually, I love most Adventure Time clothing (go figure).


DIY: Flapper Outfit

There's no unwritten flapper rule that says you have to dress in all black. If you have a once-worn formal dress that comes above your knees, you can probably rock it with some rocking accessories. On that note, check out these costumes from Rent the Runway for additional stashed-away-closet-dress inspiration.



*tsch* Why am I even at this super-lame party, anyway? Can I get a PBR?

Wonder Woman

DIY Halloween Costume: Wonder Woman

Okay, hat's off to the Polyvore team for this one. This incredibly simple and flattering Wonder Woman costume won't leave you feeling 100% authentic, but do I need to mention your resourcefulness again? At least you won't feel weird standing around in spandex panties.

Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons

DIY: Daenerys Stormborn

Have a flesh-colored jumper/leotard? Bam. Now you're the mother of dragons.

Check out these and more at my DIY Halloween collection on Polyvore or have a peek at parts 2 & 3 for more ideas. Have any ideas? Let me hear 'em in the comments!

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