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Fashion Friday: Lazy Halloween Costumes the Third

man on a bench wearing a box as a costume

Most peoples' Halloween traditions include parties, scary movie marathons, and lots of sweets. Mine involves coming up with cheap, last-minute costumes that approximately resemble pop-culture icons.

This year the costumes have a somewhat unintentional theme: badass ladies from popular cartoons. If you know me, you know how much I adore cartoons (and how little I watch tv in general). Cartoon characters' outfits are usually pretty straight-forward, so it's a win-win for everyone.

Stevonnie from Steven Universe

DIY: Stevonnie

For being a (so far) one-off character, Stevonnie is a popular cosplay. Stevonnie is an undeniably cute and meaningful character, but I speculate a large part of the appeal is that the costume is one of the few from the series that doesn't require body paint to pull off. The hardest part is making a gem, and thankfully there are plenty of resources to help you out.

Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers - Tina

Tina is my teenaged-self's Patronus. She's undeniably awkward and a huge mess of conflicting emotions, and she oscillates between different personality traits in her search for herself. She's figuring herself out without facing ostracization from her family or feeling ashamed for being a teenaged girl.

Her look is simple yet iconic, so the chances of being asked "So...what are you supposed to be?" all night long is slim.

Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls

Mabel Pines

Are you pure of heart? Pair a tacky turtleneck sweater with a solid skirt and a headband and you've successfully created a Mabel-inspired outfit. There are even tutorials for making face braces, if you're that committed to the role.

Bee from Bee & Puppycat

DIY: Bee & Puppycat

Bee & Puppycat is a series created for Cartoon Hangover on YouTube by Natasha Allegri, a former storyboard artist from Adventure Time. Bee is a slacker and generally unmotivated adult who is befriended by a sassy alien creature that uses her for his own ends. She has a few outfits that follow a similar theme of yellow + pink, but the most iconic is probably the sweater and shorts combo from the pilot. I can personally vouch for this costume's simplicity—I actually pieced it together one year for Comic Con


DIY Scarecrow Costume

Since I usually include a few non-specific costume designs, I figured I should round out the list with a non-cartoon character. Now that overalls are back en vogue, it'll be easy to piece this one together whether you "shop your closet" or hit the thrift stores. The face makeup gives the costume the illusion of effort, and you can get as intricate or sparse with product as you like while keeping the spirit of the design. You don't even have to be good at makeup—just go ham with some eyeliner and a little blush and you'll be perf.

See more ideas at my DIY Halloween collection on Polyvore, and be sure to check out parts 1 & 2 of my Lazy Costume series. Do you have any easy costume ideas? Tweet me your Polyvore collection or leave a comment and you might be featured on the blog!

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